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Harvest Reports and Surveys

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks has conducted harvest surveys since 1948 to estimate harvest data. There have been changes to the structure and style of these surveys, but for the past twenty years the form and content of the surveys has remained consistent.

Harvest surveys are an important part of wildlife management in South Dakota. The information obtained by completing these harvest surveys is the link between what happened during the hunting season this year and how next year’s hunting season will be determined.

Surveys are mailed at the end of each hunting season to a random sample of hunters usually using both emails and paper questionnaires. Approximately 10-14 days after mailing, a reminder or a new survey is mailed to all those who did not respond to the first mailing. The fact that someone was unsuccessful in their hunt is as important as their success. Unsuccessful hunters represent a cross-section of all hunters and we need to know that information. It is as important that hunters provide information on whether or not they even hunted.

If you have received a harvest survey card in the mail, please select the appropriate season below to complete the survey online. If you do not complete the survey online, you still have the option of returning your survey through the mail.



Archery Report
Custer State Park  Report
Firearms/Landowner Report
Mentored Youth Report
Special Report



Statewide Summary Report
Archery Report
Black Hills Report
Custer State Park Report
East River Report
Landowner Antlerless Report
Mentored Report
Youth Report
Muzzleloader Report
National Wildlife Refuge  Report
West River Report
Apprentice Antlerless Report



Statewide Summary Report



2022 Report
2021  Report
2020 Report
2019 Report
2018 Report
2017 Report
2016 Report
2015 Report
2014 Report
2013 Report



Fall | Black Hills Report
Fall | Mentored Youth Report
Fall | Prairie Firearms Report
Spring | Archery Report
Spring | Black Hills Report
Spring | Custer State Park  Report
Spring | Mentored Youth Report
Spring | Prairie Firearms Report
Spring Turkey Opinion Survey Report

Upland Birds


Partridge Report
Pheasant Report
Prairie Chicken | Sharp-tailed Grouse  Report
Sage Grouse Report
Mourning Dove Report

Waterfowl | Migratory


Waterfowl Summary Report
Waterfowl Hunter Survey Report
Canada Goose | All Seasons Report
Canada Goose | August Management  Report
Canada Goose | Early Fall Report
Canada Goose | Special Season  Report
Ducks Report
Snow Goose | Fall Report
Snow Goose | Spring Report
Tundra Swan Report
White-Fronted Goose Report



Cottontail | Squirrel  Report
Mountain Goat | Bighorn Sheep  Report
Mountain Lion Report
Small Game, Upland Bird, and Migratory Game Bird Statewide Summary Report