Muskrats are found across the state and are typically found near permanent water sources such as lakes, wetlands, rivers, streams and other water bodies. They are active year-round and can be found swimming in the water throughout the day. Muskrats can build small lodges out of aquatic vegetation or dig into banks for a den. Once the ice forms, muskrats swim below the ice and live in their lodges or huts throughout the winter months.

Black Hills  season includes the US Forest Service land within the Black Hills Fire Protection District south of I-90 and west of SD 79.


  • No trapping on or in muskrat houses of any size after March 15.
  • The season is open only to landowners and lessees, including School and Public Land surface lease holders, on land they own or operate and to state, county, or township highway officials within public road right-of-ways are allowed to take muskrats during the season.
  • Only rimfire cartridges of .22 caliber or smaller, muzzleloaders of . 45 caliber or smaller, shotguns with non-toxic shotshells, and legal archery equipment may be used.



Shooting Hours: