Accessible Hunting Areas

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Accessible Game Production Areas

Game Production Areas (GPAs) enhanced for accessibility will permit access with all-terrain vehicles or other vehicles on special designated roads and trails for individuals who have obtained a disabled hunter permit.

Due to safety concerns, potential fire danger and to protect and maintain wildlife habitat, vehicles are not allowed to travel off trails.

The access vehicle must come to a complete stop with the motor turned off while aiming, firing, or shooting a weapon. Disabled hunter permittees cannot use vehicles to retrieve game for other hunters and cannot use vehicles to chase, harass, pursue or intercept wildlife.

Accessible trails and hunting blinds have been selected for ease of access, adequate pull-off areas, and are located in areas where a person will have a likely opportunity to view various wildlife and game species. Please be aware that such public hunting areas will expose disabled hunters or other persons with physical disabilities, to various degrees of physical risk. Due to variability of the terrain and topographical conditions on these areas, not all parts of these GPAs will be entirely accessible to hunters with disabilities.

Please remember, these public hunting areas are unattended, and there is little chance GFP personnel would be in the local area in the event of an accident or if emergency assistance is needed. It is the hunter's responsibility and right to decide if these areas are safe for their use and so will need to judge their own ability to safely access and use these areas.

Accessible Public Hunting Areas

The following Game Production Areas are managed for wildlife production and public hunting opportunities.

  • Badger GPA – in Lawrence County is located 3 miles west and 2 miles south of Spearfish. This area offers hunting opportunities for deer, elk, and turkey.
  • Back Slough – 6 Miles West of Lake City on HWY 10, on the South side of the road straight out from the parking lot. The trail travels straight west to the tree belt and can be travel for Deer, Turkey and Pheasant.
  • Carpenter GPA – in Lyman County near Chamberlain. This area is adjacent to the Missouri River (Lake Francis Case) and located 1 mile west, 1 mile south, 2 1/2 miles west, and 3 miles south of Oacoma. The area has a combination of row crops, grassland, shelterbelts, and river breaks. This area offers hunting opportunities for deer, pheasants, grouse, and coyotes.
  • Cottonwood GPA – 9 miles West and 2 miles North of Tulare on the Southeast corner of the GPA, right off the parking lot heading straight North, the trail runs past a couple food plots and dead ends right about a ¼ mile in. This is great for Deer and Pheasants.
  • Long Lake GPA – in Jerauld County is located 7 miles west and 6 miles north of Wessington Springs. The area features deer and waterfowl hunting.
  • Byre GPA – in Lyman County is located 7 miles south of I-90 on highway 47. This area contains a disabled access trail and offers hunting opportunities for pheasant, deer and turkey.
  • Hololubek GPA – in Brule County is located 4 miles west and 12 miles south of Kimball and contains an accessible duck hunting blind and vehicle access.
  • Buffalo Lake GPA – in Minnehaha County, located 7 miles northwest of Colton and contains an accessible waterfowl hunting blind.
  • Kamp GPA – in Moody county, located 6 miles south of Brookings and contains an accessible hunting blind offering opportunities for deer and turkey hunting.
  • Mydland Pass GPA – in Day county is located 8 miles north and 7 miles west of Webster.  This area has a primitive trail that can be traveled using off-road vehicles.  It offers deer, waterfowl and pheasant hunting.
  • Ortley GPA – in Roberts county is located ½ mile west and 1 mile north of Ortley. This area has an accessible trail that can be traveled with a vehicle and offers deer and turkey hunting.
  • Terry Redlin GPA – in Codington County, is located 4 miles east and 4 miles north of Henry.  This area has an accessible trail that offers deer and turkey hunting.  
  • Cooperative Management Areas – Co-op areas are private land leased for public hunting access that permit disable hunter permit holders to drive on them to hunt.  Most are located in the northeast part of the state and primarily provide deer, pheasant, and waterfowl hunting opportunity. See the public hunting maps for the locations of these areas.