Photo © Keith Anderson

Sharp-tailed Grouse and Greater Prairie-chicken

Sharp-tailed grouse (Sharptails) and greater prairie-chickens, collectively referred to as prairie grouse, are closely related native birds that are primarily distributed across prairie-dominated landscapes of central and western South Dakota. 

Sharptails have a relatively short tail with two central feathers somewhat longer and darker than the outer tail feathers, accounting for its name. The plumage is mottled dark and light browns against a light background. Prairie chickens have a tail that is short, dark, and rounded.

Prairie grouse hunting typically occurs on large expanses of grassland, but can occur in cropland or field edges in grassland dominated landscapes. These birds are usually found in coveys which tend to increase in size as the season progresses. Prairie grouse are commonly found in mixed flocks where these species’ range overlaps.

Sharp-tailed grousePrairie-Chickens

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