Season includes the below species:

Badgers are located across the state and occur primarily in open grasslands. They are active throughout the year and are often found near their den, which typically is a large hole dug into soil with a nearby mound of soil.

Ground Squirrels, gophers and marmots occur throughout the state and utilize all types of habitats.

Jackrabbits are found across the state and are active primarily at night. They are usually found in grassland habitats but also utilize croplands from time-to-time. Jackrabbits have a summer and winter color. During the summer months they appear brownish and then during the fall and winter months their fur is white/grayish except for their black-tipped ears.

Opossum are found across the eastern two-thirds of the state. They usually live in wooded habitats near agricultural areas or riparian areas. Opossum are nocturnal and are active year-round but less active during extreme cold weather.

Porcupines are located primarily in the western half of South Dakota and are usually found moving slowly along the ground or among tree branches where they chew the bark.

Red fox are located across the state in almost every habitat. They tend to be secretive and are most active from dusk to dawn . They often rest during the day and only move when disturbed and remain active throughout the winter.

Skunks occur throughout the state and are found in almost every habitat. They are active throughout the year and can be found near areas of cover such as, fencerows, rock piles, drainage ditches, wetlands, junk-piles, etc.



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