Turn in Poachers (TIPs)


South Dakota's Turn In Poachers (TIPs) program is a private, non-profit organization run by Wildlife Protection Incorporated. The program began in 1984 with the help of concerned sportsmen across the state when it was discovered that two large bull elk in the Black Hills had been killed and left to waste in the field. Within one year, the program generated significant public interest and it was so successful that it was implemented statewide.

The program is funded through donations from the big game license application check-off, private individual/group donations and through court ordered restitution.

Rewards are paid in cash once an arrest is made and informants can protect their identity and remain anonymous. Informants are eligible for rewards of up to $500 if an arrest is made. Higher rewards may be paid in extreme cases.

All it takes is one call, 1.888.OVERBAG (683.7224) to make a difference. 
You can also report an anonymous tip online.