Lake Sharpe 2014 Fishing Forecast

Lake Sharpe Fishing Forecast in pdf format

Each year, biologists working on Lake Sharpe collect information on fish populations from many fisheries surveys conducted throughout the year.  They also collect information on angler use and harvest of those populations through creel surveys.  By looking at trends in fish populations and angler use and harvest, predictions can be made about fishing on Lake Sharpe for 2014.

Key Issues in 2014 for Lake Sharpe
  • Angler catch of small walleye will be common in 2014 due to previous years of good production of walleye especially walleye produced in 2009. These small walleye are the future walleye fishery for Lake Sharpe.
  • Good proportion (46%) of the walleye population exceeded the minimum length limit during fish survey in August, 2013.
  • Smallmouth bass provide excellent fishing opportunities along side the walleye fishery.
  • Trophy and catchable size rainbow trout fishing available in Oahe Marina and tailrace.
  • Chinook salmon is a possible catch in Oahe Tailrace
  • Channel catfish abundance is good and can provide hours of angling enjoyment.
  • White bass are abundant and can provide excellent angling opportunities especially in the spring.
  • Excellent shore fishing can be found in the upper reaches of Lake Sharpe.
  • Boating access is available on Lake Sharpe in most areas of the reservoir.

Lake Sharpe Fish Species

Map of Lake Sharpe Areas


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