Photo © Sam Stukel

White Bass

The White Bass is found statewide in cool to warm water habitats of the Missouri River and its impoundments, larger tributaries, and some glacial lakes. The White Bass is a schooling fish that is most often found in pools in rivers and the open mid-water portions of lakes and impoundments. It feeds on fish, insects and crustaceans.

The White Bass is laterally compressed and deep bodies with a yellow eye and one tooth patch on the back of the tongue. It is silver-white in color with 5-7 dark, horizontal stripes and two dorsal fins, the first with 9 spines and the second with one spine followed by soft rays.


White Bass/Rock Bass – Limits apply to any combination.

Daily Limit:


Possession Limit:


Proud Angler Qualifications:

2 lbs and 17 in (released fish only)