Photo © Sam Stukel

Green Sunfish

The Green Sunfish is found in cool to warm water habitats where they are most abundant in smaller waterbodies including wetlands, stock ponds and small streams. They are less common in large lakes, rivers or larger impoundments. They feed on crustaceans, insects and small fishes.

Green Sunfish have a laterally compressed body with a large head and mouth. The ear flap is dark, short and inflexible with a white to yellow margin. Their body is greenish-blue to olive in color with an orange to yellow breast. Their face below the eye has distinct bright blue-green flecks or worm-like markings. 


Sunfish (Bluegill, Green, Pumpkinseed, Redear, Orangespotted) - Limits apply to any combination. 

Daily Limit:


Possession Limit: