Photo © Sam Stukel

Redear Sunfish

The Redear Sunfish can be found in vegetated areas of lakes, ponds and impoundments. In South Dakota it can be found in Lewis and Clark Reservoir, Ellsworth ponds (Pennington County), Bismark (Custer County) and Biltmore/Lakota Lake (Custer County). It is a bottom feeder and will eat a variety of foods but preferably mollusks.

The Redear Sunfish has a laterally compressed body with olive-brown grading and a yellow belly. There will be faint vertical bars on the side along with a small mouth, a short, flexible ear flap with a black spot and a crescent shaped red-orange spot on the rear edge and long, pointed pectoral fins.


Sunfish (Bluegill, Green, Pumpkinseed, Orangespotted) – Limits apply to any combination.

Daily Limit:


Possession Limit: