Muskellunge inhabit lakes, rivers, streams, impoundments and ponds. They are an ambush predator often found in vegetation or submerged trees. They feed on fishes, insects, crustaceans, birds and small mammals. This species is managed in the following Eastern South Dakota Lakes: Lynn, Middle Lynn, West 81, North Island, and Sinai Lakes.They can also be found in Amsden, East 81 Lake, Little Brush WPA, East Oakwood and the lower Missouri River.

Muskellunge are a slender, torpedo-shaped fish with a “duckbill” shaped snout filled with sharp teeth. They have scales only on the upper portion of the cheeks and have six or more sensory pores on the lower jaw. Their body has dark bars or spots on a light colored background.

Daily Limit:

Catch and release

Possession Limit:

Catch and release

Proud Angler Qualifications:

40 inches