Blue Dog State Fish Hatchery

Blue Dog State Fish Hatchery produces walleye, yellow perch, muskellunge for stocking across South Dakota. Historically, 14 different fish species have been reared at the hatchery.

Quick Facts

  • Located on the northwest shore of Blue Dog Lake.
  • Typically incubates 100 million walleye eggs and stocks 60 million fish.
  • Fish production occurs primarily in 36 ponds totaling 53 surface acres.
  • Water is supplied both from wells and Blue Dog Lake.


  • 44437 139A Street
    Waubay, SD 57273
Incubating walleye eggsNewly hatched walleye frynet filled with walleye small finagerlings
Left to right:  Incubating walleye eggs, newly hatched walleye fry, net filled with walleye small fingerlings

Educational displays inside the building. The exhibits illustrate the steps involved in the walleye egg collection process as well as describe other fish and ecological facts.