Cleghorn Springs State Fish Hatchery

Cleghorn Springs State Fish Hatchery provides trout and salmon for stocking throughout the state of South Dakota. Since trout and salmon are not native to the area, have a low natural reproduction rate and there are limited food supplies available, it creates the need for stocking.

Cleghorn Springs Hatchery has been in operation since 1928. The hatchery and the spring received their names from the original homestead founded there circa 1889. The first hatchery was comprised of a brick hatchery building at the East end of the site and about 12 miscellaneous rectangular earthen ponds. This facility has gone through several renovations throughout the years with the most recent being in 2007. An enclosed spring provides six million gallons of water daily at a year-round temperature of 52 degrees. Spring water is pumped through degassing canisters where supplementals oxygen to meet fish rearing needs. After flowing through rearing units, the water passes through settling basins. It then flows into Rapid Creek.

The research conducted at Cleghorn Springs not only improves how fish are raised on site, but it also advances fish management worldwide.


  • Summer: Open Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Interpretive signs on the hatchery grounds allow for self-guided tours.
  • Tours are available to a large group, please reserve two weeks in advance.
  • 4725 Jackson Blvd.
    Rapid City, SD 57702