Photo © Sam Stukel

Channel Catfish

The Channel Catfish is found statewide primarily in warm water habitats of larger streams, rivers, lakes and impoundments. In turbid rivers, larger individuals occupy pools especially those associated with logs and brush. Channel Catfish feed on crustaceans, insects, fish (live or dead) and decomposition of waste and debris.

Channel Catfish have tubular shaped bodies, lacking scales and having a deeply forked tail (caudal) fin.  The body is typically dark olive to gray on the back and lighter olive to yellow on the sides.  The belly is white. Younger individuals sometimes have numerous dark spots on their sides. The barbels are a striking characteristic of this species and other catfish family members.


Catfish - Limits apply to any combination. 

Daily Limit:


Possession Limit:


Proud Angler Qualifications:

15 lbs and 30 in (released fish only)