Nonmeandered Waters Navigation Lane Request

Individuals wishing to petition the GFP Commission for a travel lane through a closed nonmeandered body of water when no other alternative legal access is available can do so by requesting a Navigation Lane.

Upon receipt of a petition to establish a transportation lane the commission shall, at their next regularly schedule commission meeting, consider the request and either deny, grant, or modify the petition. The department shall notify any landowner that may be affected by the proposed transportation lane.

If a transportation lane were to be established, the individual shall take the most direct path to the open nonmeandered body of water and shall not hunt, fish, or trap in any manner while in the transportation lane. The department would mark all transportation lanes on the waterbody. These transportation lanes would be reviewed for necessity prior to December 1 of each year.

To request a transportation lane, please contact

Currently, the department has not received any request for navigation lanes and there are not any in place. For more information on navigation lanes, please contact