Nest Predator ID Guide

The bounty program applies to primary nest predators.  These nest predators are: raccoons, striped skunks, badgers, opossums, and red fox.  To properly identify these species in the field please consult this identification guide to ensure the animal you are harvesting meets the bounty eligibility.   




Body: Fur is gray to black above and paler below

Face: Black mask across the eyes

Tail: Bushy, black-tipped, alternately ringed with 5 or 6 darker and lighter bands

Size: 7-25 pounds with males generally larger than females

Striped Skunk



Body: Black and white fur pattern

Face: Small, triangular shaped head with round nose with a thin white stripe between its eyes

Tail: Long bushy, black tail-some may have a white tip

Size: Roughly size of a domestic cat, 20-28 inches long, 6-14 pounds

Opossum (Possum)



Body: Gray, grizzled body hair, short legs, feet will turn pink in cold weather

Face: White, long pointed snout, naked ears (turn pink in cold weather)

Tail: Scaly, prehensile tail, 8-20 inches long

Size: Roughly size of a domestic cat, 4-14 pounds




Body: Silver-gray to gray and yellow-brown fur, compact, flattened body with muscular shoulders and neck, sturdy front feet suited for digging

Face: Triangular-shaped head, rounded-hair covered ears, black face with white badges beneath and behind eyes

Tail: Short and bushy

Size: 22-28 inches long, 13-25 pounds, hair on sides of body gives a broad appearance

Red Fox



Body: Dense, smooth, reddish-yellow fur, often darkest on top, white cheeks and belly and long legs

  Face: Long pointed muzzle, pointed ears, white cheeks

Tail: Long, bushy, white-tipped tail

Size: Roughly a small dog, 36-41 inches long, 6-12 pounds