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Hunting/Fishing License Agents

Company Address City Phone Hours Web
License Services
CLASSIC CORNER - BALTIC   200 LOVELY AVE   BALTIC   6055295559   Call     General Licenses
Brandon Ace Hardware   304 S Splitrock Blvd   Brandon   6055826383   Call     General Licenses
Ace Hardware - Dell Rapids   1108 Hwy 77 N   Dell Rapids   6054285959   Call     General Licenses
SHOPKO HOMETOWN #596   1208 N HWY 77   DELL RAPIDS   605-428-3740   Call     General Licenses
T & C Self Serve   402 N Highway 115   Dell Rapids   6054283042   Call     General Licenses
HEART T STOP   201 E Hwy 38   Hartford   6055283746       General Licenses
Torrey Lake Farm   26561 SD Hwy 45   Platte   6053373700   Call     General Licenses
Dakota Angler   1120 E BENSON RD   Sioux Falls   6053369132   Call     General Licenses
Dicks Sporting Goods   1080 W Empire Mall   Sioux Falls   6053626550   call     General Licenses
FREEDOM VALU 2 - SF   1601 S MINNESOTA AVE   SIOUX FALLS   6053343691   Call     General Licenses
FREEDOM VALU 3 - SF   2601 W 12TH ST   SIOUX FALLS   6053384679   Call     General Licenses
Gary's Gun Shop   905 W 41 St   Sioux Falls   6053326119   Call     General Licenses
Get N Go   951 S Marion Rd, Ste 1   Sioux Falls   6053384453   Call     General Licenses
Holiday Station Store 304   5000 N Cliff Ave   Sioux Falls   6053358456   Call     General Licenses
Northview Bait & Storage   1400 N Kiwanis   Sioux Falls   6053399970   Call     General Licenses
NYBERG'S DOWNTOWN   200 E 12TH ST   SIOUX FALLS   6052176085   Call     General Licenses
Nyberg's East   607 S Sycamore   Sioux Falls   6053384223   Call     General Licenses, Tag Replacement
Nyberg's North   2500 W 12th Street   Sioux Falls   6053366507   M-F 7:30A-8P, Sat 8A-6P, Sun 10A-5P     General Licenses, Tag Replacement
Nyberg's South   330 W 41st St   Sioux Falls   6053366474   Call     General Licenses, Tag Replacement
Nyberg's West   7210 W 41st Street   Sioux Falls   6053624223   Call     General Licenses, Tag Replacement
ROBSON HARDWARE   2322 W 12th St   Sioux Falls   6053382361   Call     General Licenses
Scheels - Sioux Falls   2101 W 41st   Sioux Falls   6053347767   M-Sat 9A-9P, Sun 10A-6P   web link   General Licenses, RD*
Walmart 1535   3209 S Louise   Sioux Falls   6053621002   Call     General Licenses
WALMART 2443   7821 S MINNESOTA AVE   SIOUX FALLS   6053389873   Call     General Licenses
Walmart 3237   5521 E Arrowhead Parkway   Sioux Falls   6053673140   Call     General Licenses
Walmart 4865   5200 W 60 St N   Sioux Falls   6059066078   Call     General Licenses
Tea Ace Hardware   701 N HERITAGE PARKWAY   TEA   6052132000   8am-8pm     General Licenses

* License agents that have RD listed under services also provide the Residency Declaration for Student and Military Personnel - Military personnel stationed in South Dakota as well as nonresident students attending school full time in South Dakota, after having resided in South Dakota for at least 30 days, may purchase resident hunting licenses, but only after proving to a designated GFP agent that they meet these conditions and completing a residency declaration to that effect. Most GFP offices can also issue the Residency Declaration for Student and Military Personnel, but they do not sell licenses.

** Website information is provided as a service to our agents and to our users. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks does not review or endorse the services that may appear on these websites.

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