public Hunting Atlas

The South Dakota Hunting Atlas contains maps and information on South Dakota's Walk-In Areas, Game Production Areas (GPAs), Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs), some School Lands, and some BLM Lands.

Hunting Atlas Updates (changes since atlas was printed)

2011 Public Hunting Atlas Cover
2013 Public Hunting Atlas - Online Version

2013 Public Hunting Atlas - Online Version (in .pdf format)

This atlas is valid through May (spring turkey season).
Each year's new atlas becomes available in August.

To request a copy of the atlas via postal mail, go to: Request Information
What WIA Hunters Must Know
Public Hunting Areas Booklet (text guide-2003)

Keep in Mind

  • Several public lands require nontoxic shot for all shotgun hunting of small game.
  • Public lands may have specific restrictions.
  • Federal lands may not be posted with boundary signs or fences - consult with the appropriate federal agency for current ownership information.
  • State hunting licenses are valid only on private deeded lands within the exterior boundaries of Indian Reservations. Persons wishing to hunt on tribal lands must contact the appropriate tribal office for licensing requirements, rules and regulations.

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