Fish Consumption Advisories

The purpose of this information is not to discourage you from eating fish. It is intended as a guide to help you select sizes and species of fish that are low in mercury. By following these recommendations, you and your family can continue to enjoy the benefits of eating fish.

The South Dakota Dept. of Health, Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources, and GFP cooperate to test fish for metals, pesticides and PCBs. Over 100 of South Dakota's most popular fishing waters have been tested for fish contaminates and as a result, fifteen fish consumption advisories have been issued for elevated mercury levels.

SD Waters with advisories:

SD Dept. of Health Fish Advisories >

For More Information:

  • More information pertaining to mercury and fish consumption is available by calling the SD Department of Health at 605.773.3364.
  • More information about "why mercury is a problem and where does it come from" can be found at USGS Mercury In the Environment

Protect our Waters

Aquatic nuisance species threaten threaten our lakes and steams, and can spoil everyone's enjoyment of the water.

Public Fishing Waters

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