See for Yourself

South Dakota State Parks are open-year round for individuals to enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, snowshoeing, and any other outdoor adventure they wish to participate in. The outdoors are open, and they’re open for everyone, See for Yourself what South Dakota State Parks have to offer!

Our parks are known for camping, but there is so much more to do! You can take advantage of the multiple lodging opportunities, hike incredible trails, and get access to some of the best fisheries in the state.



South Dakota State Parks have a lot to offer, and you don’t need to own a camper at all to enjoy! Many parks offer multiple lodging opportunities, ranging from camping cabins, suites, fully furnished cabins, and even larger lodges. 



Over 50 state parks and recreation areas offer camping in South Dakota. Comfort stations close down during the winter months, but camping is welcome year-round in most parks as some are closed due to eagle nesting.



South Dakota is home to a world-class state park system, from Custer to Miller, and every town in-between over 60 parks and recreation areas provide opportunity across the state. 

Top 10 Most Visited Parks


Hiking is a great way to get outside, exercise, and enjoy time by yourself or with friends and family. South Dakota State Parks offer thousands of miles of hiking trail for the beginners, adventurers, and everyone in-between.