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Snowmobile Licenses & Fees

Snowmobile Trails Program

South Dakota's Snowmobile Trails Program is entirely self-sufficient. The program receives no general tax fund dollars, but instead, relies upon three main income sources:

  1. Snowmobile registration fees
  2. Fuel tax reimbursement, which is based upon the number of registered snowmobiles in the state
  3. A 4% initial registration tax on the purchase price of new or used snowmobiles


Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles

License Fee

Purchase at county treasurer's office:

  • Resident $10/year
  • Nonresidents $40* (temporary 5-day permit)

* Non-resident snowmobiles validly licensed in another state can be legally operated in South Dakota.

Temporary Permit

Both resident and non-residents may purchase a special five-day temporary permit for unlicensed snowmobiles.

The permit is available online and at many trailside vendors.

Licensing Requirements

In South Dakota, all snowmobiles must be properly licensed to operate on public or private lands, except those private lands owned by the snowmobile's operator.

Resident snowmobile licenses must be permanently affixed to each side of a snowmobile, below the windshield and on the hood cowling.

Insurance Requirements

According to state law, snowmobilers who operate in road rights-of-way and/or public snowmobile trails must show proof of financial responsibility (liability insurance).