Things To Do

Plant Identification

South Dakota has a plethora of plant life. You don’t have to travel far to surround yourself with green space. Equip yourself with a plant ID book or app and you can spend hours learning about and enjoying the natural word in nearly any GFP area.

Pollinator Plots

Pollinator plots are part of the Game, Fish and Parks’ efforts to promote and expand quality wildlife habitat, educate the public and stem the reduction of pollinator insects that are critical to habitat and agriculture.

Pollinator plots contain a variety of wildflowers and native grasses, providing food and habitat for numerous pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds. Pollinators provide the essential task of transporting pollen between flowers, allowing plants to make seeds, grow fruits and reproduce. The diverse mix of flowering plants used in GFP plots especially benefits the pheasant population. The plants attract a variety of insects which pheasant chicks rely on for food. They also provide ample brood cover, shielding chicks from avian predators.

Pollinator plots in the state parks are open for the public to respectfully enjoy the variety of plants, animals and insects they host.