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Photo © Allie Ellingson

Reel In Memories

Each year, South Dakota State Parks sponsors an annual activity to encourage everyone to visit and enjoy the parks. In 2024, we are reeling in memories! Earn prizes by participating in a fishing adventure in South Dakota State Parks, Recreation Areas, Nature Areas, and Lakeside Use Areas. 

  • Be sure to take a photo while participating in your fishing activity to earn prizes.
    • Activities may include fishing, fishing education, fish cleaning, fish cooking, lure tying, and all things fishing!
  • Look for the Reel in Memories signs posted at boat ramps, fishing piers, and cleaning stations to submit your photos.
  • Continue participating in fishing activities at participating parks though December 31, 2024!

Submit Your Fishing Adventures


Participants will earn exclusive prizes based on the number of fishing activities they have participated in at South Dakota State Parks and Recreation Areas. 

  • 1 Fishing Adventure: Submitting one adventure earns a bluegill decal.
  • 5 Fishing Adventures: Submitting five adventures earns a yellow perch decal.
  • 10 Fishing Adventures: Submitting ten adventures earns a largemouth bass decal.
  • 15 Fishing Adventures: Submitting fifteen adventures earns a walleye decal.
  • 20+ Fishing Adventures: Serious anglers who report 20 adventures earn a Muskie decal and are entered to win the grand prize of the Ultimate State Park Camping Experience. Items include a 2-night stay at Modern Lodge complete with camping and fishing gear. Note: must be 18 years of age or older to claim grand prize.

Start planning your fishing adventures in South Dakota State Parks now!

  • View the 2024 Fishing interactive map. Click on the location icon for the more information on participating fishing areas. This map includes:
    • Best places to take kids fishing
    • ADA or mobility friendly sites/piers
    • Fishing Events & Education
    • Fishing Equipment rental or checkout equipment
    • Fish species found in the area.



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