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July 11 Commission Meeting Information

Division of Administration   Audio File

Information Item | Non-meandered Waters   Audio File

Information Item | Preserve Operator forum and Trespassing Issues   Audio File

Information Item | Resident/Nonresident Discussion   Audio File

Resident/Nonresident Discussion Webpage

Public Hearing   Audio File

Proposal | Deer Allocation   Audio File

Proposal | Indian Springs Boating Restrictions   Audio File

Division of Parks and Recreation | Roy Lake Resort Prospectus   Audio File

Division of Parks and Recreation | Revenue and Reservation Report   Audio File

Division of Wildlife | Management Plans and Elk Raffle License Approval   Audio File

Finalization | Firewood Restriction   Audio File

Finalization | Fall Turkey   Audio File

Finalization | Archery Equipment Restrictions   Audio File

Finalization | Refuge and Boating Restrictions   Audio File

Finalization | Fish Limits - Reetz Lake   Audio File

Division of Wildlife | CWD Management Approach   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Deer Allocation Video and Presentation

Video Link