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Budget Information

Division of Wildlife FY2018 Budget Information

Expenditure categories include the following:

  • Wildlife Management: Surveys, research and wildlife damage management services.
  • Habitat and Access Management: Habitat and hunting access on private and public lands.
  • Fish Management: Surveys, research, hatcheries, stocking and administrative support.
  • Law Enforcement: Natural resource protection and advocacy.
  • Information and Education: Outreach and awareness campaigns, education, planning and administrative support.
  • Capital Development: Habitat and access projects and facility improvements.
  • Support Services: Fiscal, licensing, legal, engineering and administrative support.



 Wildlife Management  $9,846,967
 Habitat and Access Management  $18,008,674
 Fish Management  $7,738,956
 Law Enforcement  $7,711,463
 Information and Education  $5,157,840
 Capital Development  $3,032,135
 Support Services   $4,750,000
 Total Budget  $56,246,035

 Estimated Revenue


 Non-resident License Fees (big/small game, waterfowl,
 Resident License Fees (big/small game, waterfowl, fishing)  $11,520,210
 Federal Aid (Dingell-Johnson and Pittman-Robertson)  $20,855,000
 Miscellaneous and Dedicated Revenue Items  $3,265,000
 Total  $54,175,060