Resident and Nonresident Discussion

Resident and Nonresident Discussion

The GFP Commission requested a work group be put together to have an informed and open discussion regarding resident and nonresident outdoor opportunities.  The goal was for members of this work group to help commissioners develop guidelines to allocate recreational opportunities available to residents and nonresidents.  Feedback from the work group was used to present suggested guidelines to the Commission. The commission considered these guidelines, made any necessary changes and asked for public input as well.

Adopted Criteria

The criteria was formally proposed at the April 2019 Commission meeting in Rapid City.  The criteria was then finalized at the May 2019 Commission meeting in Custer.  The audio of these discussions can be found in the Commission Meeting Archive.

The adopted criteria can be found here.

Work Group Meetings

The work group is comprised of individuals from the tourism industry, wildlife groups, sportsmen and women, landowners and a former legislator.  The first work group meeting was held on Dec. 17, 2018.  A second meeting occurred Jan. 11 in Pierre.  

January 11, 2019

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Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2018

Meeting Information

Meeting Minutes

Commission Meeting Audio 

Information and updates regarding the resident and nonresident discussion has been presented at multiple commission meetings.  This topic originated from the May 2018 meeting and updates have been provided at several other meetings along the way.  All audio from these meetings is available here in the order of newest to oldest.

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