Forms & Permits

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Permits

Individuals who are interested in rehabilitation of wild animals in South Dakota must meet certain qualifications and have a South Dakota Wildlife Rehabilitator Permit.

The main requirements are:

  • you must pass a written examination to demonstrate your knowledge of this subject
  • you must line up a licensed veterinarian to assist with animal care and evaluation as needed
  • you must be able to provide a facility that matches the needs of the species you propose to provide temporary care for, and
  • you must be willing and able to maintain records to allow your work to be evaluated annually.

GFP has adopted the standards and guidelines established by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association available at

Please review the South Dakota Administrative Rules pertaining to Wildlife Rehabilitation at

If you are interested in becoming a permitted wildlife rehabilitator, contact the GFP representative in your area. These individuals can guide you through the application process:

Central SD
Nathan Baker | 605.223.7709

Northeastern SD
Jacquie Ermer | 605.345.3381

Southeastern SD
Josh Delger | 605.362.2714

Western SD
Trenton Haffley | 605.394.2394