Forms & Permits

Photo © Sam Stukel

Metal Detector Permit

Mail the Metal Detector Permit Application to:

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
Divison of Parks
523 East Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

41:03:01:29. Restrictions on use of metal detectors – Written authorization required. No person may use a metal detector on lands owned, leased, managed, or controlled by the department without written authorization from the site manager or other department representative. Written authorization may include conditions for permitted use specific to the applicable area.

41:03:01:05. Destruction or removal of natural features prohibited -- Exception. A person may not destroy, damage, or remove a living or dead tree, shrub, or vegetation; disturb any earth, rocks, minerals, natural formations, or historic relics; or destroy, damage, or remove any antlers, skulls, or other parts of animal carcass located on lands owned or leased by the department without written permission from the secretary or a designated agent. However, a person participating in religious activities in Bear Butte State Park or recreation areas and lakeside use areas adjacent to the Missouri River may use grasses and forbs taken from the park.

Special Conditions and Restrictions

Tools used for digging are limited to probes not over 6 inches long, one inch wide and one-quarter inch thick. Sand scoop or sieve not over 10 inches in diameter. All excavations shall be returned to their original condition prior to the beginning of new excavations or leaving the area. Holes may only be a maximum of 6" in depth. A litter apron or bag is to be worn or carried during metal detector use and all litter disposed of in an approved trash container. All found items will be brought to the office for inspection by department staff. The department retains the right to keep any thing of historical, archeological or culturally significant value. Department staff must approve any exceptions or changes to these restrictions.