Forms & Permits

Taxidermist License

Mail the Taxidermist License Application and the fee of $15 to:

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
20641 SD Hwy 1806
Fort Pierre, SD 57532

A person may not preserve or mount birds, animals, or fish that such person does not own without a taxidermist's license or in violation of the conditions of the license or the rules of the Game, Fish and Parks Commission; according to state law.

A taxidermist's license permits the licensee to have in possession at the taxidermist's place of business, birds, animals, or fish, lawfully caught, taken, or killed, for the sole purpose of preserving or mounting them. Birds, animals, or fish or any part thereof may be transported by anyone having them legally in possession to a licensee for preserving or mounting only and for return by the licensee to the owner thereof.

Each licensee shall keep a written record of all birds, animals, and fish received by the licensee. The record shall include the name and address of each specimen's owner, the number and species, and the dates of receipt and delivery of each specimen. The record and customers' specimens shall be made available for inspection by any representative of GFP.

The license is valid from date of issue to December 31 of that calendar year, inclusive. A taxidermist is also required to obtain a federal permit before performing taxidermy work on migratory game birds for any person other than himself. The Migratory Bird - Taxidermy permit has a fee of $100 and is valid for five years through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

For more details on the rules and regulations as it relates to taxidermy and taxidermists in South Dakota, please refer to state law 41-6-33.