Track Chair Reservations

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department has partnered with South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures to provide physically disabled outdoorsmen and women with an Action Track powered wheelchair. 

Track Chair Overview

The chair provides comfort, stability, and safety for outdoor users whether they are looking to hunt, fish, or simply get out outside in areas they would normally not be able to access. To see the track chair in action and learn more check out this informative video.

Track Chair Overview

How to Use the Track Chair

The company that manufactures Action Track Chairs also has this informative video that goes over the features and how-tos of the track chair. This is a great video to learn more about how the chair operates.

How to Video


The chair is available, free of charge, and can be reserved by calling the Outdoor Campus West at 605.394.2391. The chair can be booked for up to two weeks at a time. If you have any other questions regarding the Track Chair contact the Outdoor Campus West.