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Project WILD

Project WILD is a renowned national program that provides guidelines and materials for educators who teach students kindergarten through high school.

GFP provides Project WILD workshops for educators throughout the year to help them become familiar with materials and gain an appreciation for the value they add to a student's classroom experience. GFP is able to offer these classes thanks to the sportsmen and –women who provide their support through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses in the state of South Dakota.

Project WILD teaches students how to think - not what to think - about fish and wildlife conservation. The curriculum guides contain over 260 hands-on activities.

Workshop Features:

  • the activities are supplementary, designed to be integrated into your existing curriculum
  • the activities can be used to help you meet education standards
  • the activities are easily adapted to/from nearly any age level
  • the curriculum is interdisciplinary, with activities appropriate for history classes, language arts classes, or science classes
  • the curriculum guides include over 170 activities appropriate for a variety of learning styles from active, hands-on activities to research projects & writing exercises
  • most of the materials needed for doing the activities are already in your classroom
  • the curriculum guides are extensively cross-referenced by subject, grade and time frame

Workshop Options:

  • Basic Workshop. (K-12 and Aquatic Guides) 6 hours
  • Flying WILD. (4th Grade, focus on birds) 2 hours
  • Science and Civics. (High School) 6 hours
  • WILD About Mountain Lions.3 hours
  • WILD About Elk.3 hours
  • Growing up WILD (Ages 3-7)

We can tailor workshop content specifically for your group. Workshops must include a minimum of 10 participants.

Project WILD activities are correlated to state content standards. Click here to see how these activities can be used to help you meet state standards.

For your free materials and more information please visit Project WILD or contact:
Maggie Lindsey