Forms & Permits

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Fish Management Agreement

All information contained in this agreement is available for public consumption.

A separate fish management agreement form must be completed for each small lake or pond you wish to enroll in the South Dakota Fisheries Management Agreement program. The pond(s) to be enrolled must be inspected by a South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks representative. Fish will not be provided to waters subject to commercialization.

Application and Inventory Information:
  • Attach a photo, map or sketch of the small lake or pond including the location of the access trail with scale of size indicated.
  • This stocking and public access agreement will remain active for a period of ten years for a warmwater fishery or six years for a trout fishery.
Habitat Requirements:
  • Minimum size: 1 surface acre
  • Depth: Minimum of 15 feet over 25% of surface area or 10 feet if pond is fed by continual inflow.
General Stocking Rates:
Species Size Number per Surface Acre
Bluegill Adult  20
Black Crappie or Yellow Perch


Largemouth Bass Adult
Channel Catfish Juvenile (>8 inches)
Rainbow Trout Fingerlings 250
Other* Adult 100
*Other species may include forage species such as fathead minnow, golden shiner, etc.
Applicant Information
Small Lake/Pond Information

Water Source:

Do you completely control access to this water?

Is the lake/pond currently under an easement?

Surrounding Land

Indicate the percentage for each surrounding land use type (enter "20" for "20%")


The owner or lessee agrees to allow open public access and harvest of fish. Angling must be pursued by legal methods. The Department of Game, Fish and Parks reserves the right to establish management strategies and will supply appropriate fish stocks for that purpose when fish are available. This agreement will be in effect for a period of ten years for largemouth bass waters and six years for trout waters. Game, Fish and Parks reserves the right to terminate this agreement if land use practices or water levels become non-conducive for fish management.