Forms & Permits

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Filming/Photography Permit

All commercial filming activities taking place within GFP designated areas require a permit. Commercial filming includes electronic, magnetic, digital, or other recording of a moving image by a person, business, or other entity for a market audience with the intent of generating income. All filming permits issued are “revocable” on 24-hour’s notice or without notice if the terms of the permit are violated. Deliberate infractions of terms contained in the filming permit or the deliberate making of false or misleading statements concerning intended actions in order to obtain a permit are causes for immediate termination of the permit.

Still photographers require a permit only when:

  • The activity takes place at location(s) where or when members of the public are generally not allowed; or
  • The activity uses model(s), set(s), or prop(s) that are not a part of the location’s natural or cultural resources or administrative facilities; or
  • Requires special assistance or support from GFP staff.

GFP staff evaluate each permit and take the following into consideration prior to approval:

  • Potential impacts on natural or cultural resources,
  • Potential impacts on park programs and operations,
  • Potential impacts on visitor access and experiences,
  • Alignment with the rules and mission. 


You will be required to obtain liability insurance in an amount commensurate with the risk posed to park resources by your proposed activity.

You will be notified of the status of the application and the necessary steps to secure your final permit.

There may be additional fees charged based on the complexity of the permit and you will be required to provide proof of liability insurance.

Applicant Information
Company/Organization Information
Project Information

Type of Project:

Will there be sound recording:

Night Work?

Include: Storyline/Script, set construction, parking, catering, sanitary facilities, crowd control, emergency medical plan, offroad activity, trail use, or use of any building and site clean up. Include proposed site plan(s).

Please note if any of the following will be included: Minors (include numbers and ages), Animals (include handlers name and certifications), Aircraft (this includes uas/ drones), Special effects (include technician name and license, if applicable), unusual or hazardous activities or weapons.
Location Schedule

Add location schedules


No Location Schedules Listed

Operational Information

Do you plan to advertise or issue a press release before the event?

Do you anticipate any security concerns?

On-Location Information

Person on location responsible for company’s adherence to all terms and conditions of a Film Permit:

Person on location responsible for coordinating activities with Game, Fish, and Park Staff:

Person at the company office to contact for follow up information and billing:

I hereby state that the above information given is complete and correct, and that no false or misleading information or false statements have been given. All estimates are reliable to the best of my knowledge and I have the full authority to represent the applicant/production company and the project described above.