Forms & Permits

Angler Assistance Permit

Mail the Application for Angler Assistance Permit to:

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks 
20641 SD Hwy 1806
Ft. Pierre, SD 57532

An Angler Assistance Permit is available to a person with a valid fishing license, or who is exempt from licensing requirements, who has a physical or developmental disability that prevents them from being able to perform any of the activities associated with fishing. The permit allows another person to assist the permitted individual while fishing, in accordance with existing regulations, and without the need to possess a valid fishing license.  The permit limitations or guidelines specify what a person legally can and cannot do while in possession of an Angler Assistance Permit.

Persons applying for a temporary or permanent permit shall complete this application and must have Part C of the application form completed and signed by a licensed physician, verifying the applicant’s medical condition or disability.