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Commission Archives

December 6-7 Commission Meeting Information

Topic | Administration to Non-meandered Waters   Audio File

Topic | Ag Forum   Audio File

Topic | Resident Nonresident Discussion   Audio File

Resident/Nonresident Discussion Webpage

Topic | Strategic Plan Update   Audio File

Strategic Plan Presentation

Topic | Communications Staff Overview   Audio File

Communications Staff Presentation

Topic | Deer License Allocation (Discussion)   Audio File

Deer License Alternatives Presentation

*Discussion occured on day 1.  The proposal did not occur until day 2.

Proposal | Deer License Allocation   Audio File

Deer Drawing Structure Proposal

Action Item | Transfer of Shurman Property from Parks and Wildlife   Audio File

Action Item | Bighorn Sheep Auction License   Audio File

Topic | Missouri River Refuge Review Update   Audio File

Missouri River Refuge Presentation

Topic | Statewide Fisheries Plan Revision   Audio File

Fisheries Plan Presentation

Topic | AIS Surface Water User Summit   Audio File

Topic | Black-footed Ferret Update   Audio File

Black-footed Ferret Presentation

Topic | Environmental Review Program Update   Audio File

Environmental Review Presentation

Topic | Walk-In Area Program Review   Audio File

Walk-In Area Presentation

Topic | River Otter Update and License Sales Update   Audio File

River Otter Presentation

Action Item | Lewis and Clark Resort Concession Lease and Roy Lake Resort Prospectus   Audio File

Action Item | Palisades State Park Land Transfer   Audio File

Topic | Volunteer Program Overview   Audio File

Volunteer Program Presentation

Topic | CSP Resort Repair and Maintenance Update   Audio File

Topic | CSP Buffalo Auction Results   Audio File

Topic | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Report   Audio File

Action Item | Spring Creek Prospectus   Audio File

Topic| Bell Fouche Reservoir Management Plan   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File