HuntSAFE for Schools

South Dakota HuntSAFE for Schools

HuntSAFE for Schools is a program that provides guidelines and lesson plans for educators who would like to add experiential learning with an emphasis on firearm safety and responsibility. This course covers a number of content standards in Physical Education, science, CTE, environmental science, etc. It also encourages a safe and healthy lifelong activity.  

HuntSAFE For Schools 

HuntSAFE for schools varies somewhat from traditional hunter safety courses that are held during an evening or weekend at a local Game, Fish, & Parks office, community center, or even school. HuntSAFE for schools is intended to be integrated into the existing class structure and day at a school. For example, using the course as an instructional unit in PE similar to a unit on basketball, soccer, etc. There are a number of different classes where this could fit, depending on the school and teachers.  

Who, What, and How

This HuntSAFE for Schools FAQ sheet will assist you with beginning conversations with your school to gain their support in the program.  It will also answer questions regarding, liability, who teaches the program, appropriate grade levels, equipment, and use of props.

Contact South Dakota’s HuntSAFE Coordinator Brandon Maahs at or 605.280.3782 for information.

HuntSAFE for Individuals

Sample HuntSafe in the Schools Lesson Plan