Fish SD

What is Fish SD?

Fish SD, or fishing in schools is a curriculum program focused on basic fishing skills and an appreciation for the sport of angling.
Designed for grades 4-12, Fish SD provides schools with teacher training, equipment, materials, and activities. The primary Fish SD activities are well suited for physical education programs. Additional activities integrate with all disciplines, making it simple to expand the program beyond the gym and into the classroom.
Qualifying schools are selected annually to receive a Fish SD equipment package, and teacher training workshops are scheduled during summer months.
For more information, contact Maggie Lindsey at or by phone at 605-223-7667.

Fish SD Activities:

Here are some fun fishing themed activities for the kids. Use the Fish SD curriculum to hone their skills in knot tying, casting, fish identification and more. Activities are listed in their suggested order. Each activity refers to a chapter of the Going Fishing Guide. 

Other Aquatic Information

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