Critter Crates


These crates are sponsored by SD Game, Fish and Parks and The Outdoor Campus East and West.

The Outdoor Campus has several critter and other resource crates available for teachers and groups to borrow. Call 605.362.2777 to ask for the content list for any of the crates below or to make a crate reservation.

  • Most crates can be reserved for a 2-week period, snowshoe crates for only one week.
  • A $75 deposit is required for each crate. When crates are returned, Campus staff will inventory the contents, and if all is returned in good condition, they will shred the deposit check or return checks from an institution.
  • The Outdoor Campus will ship most critter and resource crates to any adult teacher/leader in the state, but the person who reserves the crate becomes responsible for the cost of return through shipping or personal delivery. Some crates are quite heavy and have a high shipping cost.
  • Crate Use Policy


These crates are available for use by any adult in South Dakota who makes a reservation and pays the $75 deposit per crate, but they are not shipped. Borrowers will need to make arrangements for their pickup and return.  Contact Jean Olson for checkout information.

Check out the Sioux Falls Critter Crates Booklet for everything you need to know!

  • Binoculars Box
    • Contains 12 pairs of binoculars with instructions for adjusting and maintenance; an activity using binoculars; information on bird shapes and several Stokes guides to bird identification.
  • Camera Crate
    • 10 Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS cameras; 2 tripods available; interface cables and a card reader; activity on photo composition; a nature photography example, and a Power Point instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced nature photographers.
  • Fishing Crate
    • Contains 15 rods and reels, 3 tackle boxes and plastic Backyard Bass practice fish.
  • Ice Fishing Kit
    • 20 ice fishing rods and reels; 1 ice auger; ice dippers; Polar Ice safety picks; a First Aid kit and a tackle box.
  • Snowshoe Crates
    • 2 Group Crates containing 15 to 20 pairs of snowshoes in youth, medium and adult sizes; 3 Family Crates of 4 youth pairs and 4 adult pairs. Crates may be used when the snow cover is at least 3 inches deep. Group crates are very large and will not fit in compact cars.
  • Wetlands Trunk
    • Contains games, activities, puzzles, music, posters and a script for a puppet play with puppets of a blue heron, a muskrat and a salamander.


Contact Laurie Root for checkout information.

  • Critter Crates 1 and 2
    • 2 crates containing hides of common native species, skulls, tracks and scat. Includes suggested activities, animal photos and print and resource materials.
  • Bat Box
    • Contains cirriculum with materials for activities.  Includes skeleton, books, photos and DVD.
  • Cougar Crate
    • ?Contains furs, skulls and other artifacts.  Also includes books, videos, posters, etc.  Supplies are also included to teach activites included in the WILD About Mountain Lions Curriculum and Activity Guide.
  • Elk Trunk
    • Contains WILD about Elk Cirriculum activites to be used with hides, tracks, skulls and other artifacts.
  • Forestry Trunk
    • Contains supplies to be used with Project Learning Tree Forest Management activities.
  • Black-Footed Ferret Kit
    • Contains artifacts to learn more about the endangered species.


These crates are located in various spots around the state. Contact information is supplied with each location.

  • Pierre, South Daktoa
    • -4 warm season fishing crates, 1 ice fishing crate. Contact Maggie Lindsey for check out information 605.223.7667.
    • Owl pellet dissection kit. Contact Maggie Lindsey for check out information 605.223.7667.
    • Bat kit. Contact Maggie Lindsey for check out information 605.223.7667. 
  • Waubay, South Dakota
    • -Wonderful Traveling Wetland Trunk: Puppets, puzzles, plant and wetland info, furs, videos, educators guide. Contact Laura Hubers at Waubay National Wildlife Refuge, 605.947.4521, for further information or to reserve a two week time slot.
  • Madison, South Dakota
    • -Prairie Trunk - multi-disciplinary education trunk with lessons, teacher guides, pelts, skulls, track molds, scat, posters, puppets, felt story boards, rubber stamps and ink, videos, books and a buffalo costume.
      - Wetland Trunk - Trunk includes several games, including "Amphibian Trivia," survival game "Hazards in a Duck's Life", puppet show, track match game, wetland habitat and plant puzzle with match cards, pelt ID, skulls, scat, videos, books, BINGO, beaver costume, plus more. Both trunks are available free of charge. Contact Jennifer Briggs at the Madison Wetland Management District 605.256.2974.
  • Black Hills Area
    • -Cougar Crate: Contains furs, skulls, and other artifacts. Also includes books, videos, posters, etc. Supplies are also included to teach activities included in the WILD About Mountain Lions Curriculum and Activity Guide