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Commission Archives

January 4-5 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Legislative Update   Audio File

Budget Presentation (1 of 2)   Audio File

Budget Presentation (2 of 2)   Audio File

Go Outdoors SD Update   Audio File

Rapid City Shooting Range Update   Audio File

Petition | Adding Butte County to Unit 2 for Goose Hunting Season   Audio File

Petition: Adding Bute County to Unit 2 for Goose Hunting Season

Petition | Modify the possession requirements for Walleye on Lake Francis Case   Audio File

Petition | Modify the Missouri River Refuge   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Proposal | Elk Season   Audio File

Proposal: Prarie Elk

Propsal: Archery Elk Map

Proposal: Archery Elk

Proposal: Black Hills Any Elk Map

Proposal: Black Hills Elk

Proposal: CSP Any Elk

Proposal: CSP Early Archery Elk

Proposal: Black Hills Antlerless Elk Map

Proposal | Bighorn Sheep   Audio File

Proposal: Bighorn Sheep

Proposal | Public Waters   Audio File

Proposal: Public Waters

Proposal | Cancelation Policy   Audio File

Proposal: Cancellation Policy

Topic | Custer State Park Buffalo Auction Results and Custer State Park Resort Repair and Maintenance Plan Update   Audio File

Topic | Lake Vermillion SE Boat Ramp Park Entrance License Requirements   Audio File

Topic | Fort Sisseton Master Plan Update   Audio File

Topic | Year of Sales and Revenue Report   Audio File

Action Item | Bighorn Sheep Auction License   Audio File

Action Item: Bighorn Sheep Auction License

Action Item | Sage Grouse Plan   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update   Audio File

Topic | EHD Impact on Licenses   Audio File

Topic | Lake Oahe Fishery Update   Audio File

Topic | Habitat and Access Update   Audio File

Topic | Walk In Area Survey   Audio File

Solicitation of Agenda Items from Commissioners   Audio File