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January 28-29 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Topic | Legislative Update   Audio File

Topic | Budget Presentation   Audio File

Topic | Centralized E-Commerce System   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Pheasant Hunting Marketing Campaign 2020 Summary   Audio File

Petition | Blaze Orange Requirements Part 1   Audio File

Petition | Blaze Orange Requirements Part 2   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update   Audio File

R3 2020 Update   Audio File

Topic | Law Enforcement Recruitment Campaign   Audio File

Topic | Awards   Audio File

Topic | Preference Point System by Big Game Type   Audio File

Proposal | Aerial Permit Adjustments   Audio File

Proposal: Aerial Permit Adjustments

Proposal | Big Game Ammo Minimum Size and Type   Audio File

Proposal: Big Game Ammo Minimum Size and Type

Proposal | Waterfowl Refuge   Audio File

Proposal: Waterfowl Refuge

Proposal | Mountain Goat Recommendations   Audio File

Proposal: Mountain Goat Recommendations

Proposal | Public Lands and Waters   Audio File

Proposal: Public Lands and Waters

Proposal | Nonmeandered Waters Transportation Lane Process   Audio File

Proposal: Nonmeandered Waters Transportation Lane Process

Topic | CSP Bison Auction and 2021 Outlook   Audio File

Topic | Automated Entrance Kiosks   Audio File

Topic | Newton Hills Modern Cabin Completion   Audio File

Topic | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Report   Audio File

Action Item | Nest Predator Bounty Program   Audio File

Resolution: Nest Predator Bounty Program Draft Resolution

Action Item: Rapid City Shooting Range   Audio File

Resolution: Rapid City Shooting Range

Topic | Future of Habitat Update   Audio File

Topic | Land Evaluation and Assessment Plan   Audio File

Topic | Missouri River Fisheries Update   Audio File

Topic | Urban Deer Management   Audio File

Topic | Season Setting Date Selection   Audio File