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Commission Archives

January 16-17 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

License List Request   Audio File

Cathy Peterson Memorial   Audio File

Second Century Initiatives and Fund Board Update   Audio File

Nest Predator Bounty Program Overview   Audio File

Nest Predator Bounty Program Overview (Department Staff)

Nest Predator Bounty Program Action Item   Audio File

2020 Draft Resolution Nest Predator Bounty Program

Department Sponsored Legislation for 2020   Audio File

Waterfowl-Missouri River Refuge Follow-up   Audio File

R3 Workgroup Updates   Audio File

Petition | Retirement Deer Tag   Audio File

Petition: Retirement Deer Tag

Open Forum   Audio File

Proposal | Public Waters   Audio File

Proposal: Public Waters

Proposal | Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season   Audio File

Proposal: Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season

Bighorn Sheep Presentation

Proposal | CSP Bison   Audio File

Land Donation-Brown County   Audio File

Information | Pheasant Hunting Marketing and HuntSAFE   Audio File

Information | CWD Update   Audio File

Information | Aquatic Habitat Projects and Approach   Audio File

Information | Black Hills Fisheries Plan Update   Audio File

Information | License Sales Update and Year End Summary   Audio File

Information | Distinguished Achievement Award   Audio File

Roy Lake Concession Extension   Audio File

Information | Land and Water Conservation Fund Awards   Audio File

Information | Capital Development Project Update   Audio File

Information | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Report   Audio File

Petition | Nonresident east river deep special buck part 2   Audio File