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Commission Archives

May 2-3, 2019 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Budget FY2020 Overview   Audio File

Topic | Habitat/Second Century Initiatives Update   Audio File

Topic | WDM Program Review   Audio File

Topic | Nonmeandered Waters   Audio File

Topic | Foundation Update   Audio File

Topic | Commission Meeting Schedule 2020   Audio File

Petition | Restrict Spearing of Bass on Pactola Reservoir   Audio File

Restrict Spearing of Bass on Pactola Reservoir (Proposal)

Restrict Spearing of Bass on Pactola Reservoir (Petition)

Public Hearing 1/3   Audio File

Public Hearing 2/3   Audio File

Public Hearing 3/3   Audio File

Administrative Action | Resident Nonresident Criteria   Audio File

Finalization | Deer Hunting Seasons 1/2   Audio File

Finalization | Deer Hunting Seasons 2/2   Audio File

Finalization | Special Buck Licenses   Audio File

Proposal | Restrictions on the Use of Firearms, Crossbows and Bows in State Parks and Rec Areas   Audio File

Information | Fishery and Wildlife Management Plans Updates   Audio File

Information | Planned Fish Stockings for 2019   Audio File

Information | Fishing Promotion and Trophy Recognition Program   Audio File

Information | Walk In Area Comment Opportunity   Audio File

Information | License Sales Update   Audio File

Action Item | Concession Resort Prospectus and Settlement Agreement   Audio File

Information | Archive and History of Custer State Park Projects   Audio File

Information | Sylvan Lake Custer State Park Planning Project   Audio File

Information | Flood Report   Audio File

Information | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Reports   Audio File

Petition | Boat Restrictions on Deerfield   Audio File

Boat Restrictions on Deerfield (Proposal)

Boat Restrictions on Deerfield (Petition)

Topic | Public Involvement   Audio File

Proposal | Bighorn Sheep Auction License   Audio File

Topic | Paddlefish Program   Audio File

SPECIAL COMMISSION MEETING 5/23/2019: Meeting Audio   Audio File

Park License and Trail Use Pass

Hunt for Habitat Licenses

Trapping Prohibitions