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November 1-2 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Code of Conduct   Audio File

Topic | Non-meandered Waters   Audio File

Topic | Resident Nonresident Discussion   Audio File

Resident/Nonresident Discussion Webpage

Topic | Future Commission Discussion on Public Input   Audio File

Topic | Park Fees   Audio File

FINALIZATION | Spring Turkey Hunting Seasons Part 1   Audio File

FINALIZATION | Elk Raffle License   Audio File

Elk Raffle Finalization

ACTION ITEM | Monarch Management Plan Adoption   Audio File

Topic | Chronic Wasting Disease Workgroup Update   Audio File

CWD Powerpoint

Topic | Resident Canada Goose Management Plan Update   Audio File

Resident Canada Goose Management Plan Powerpoint

Topic | Turkey Management Plan Update   Audio File

Turkey Management Plan Powerpoint

Topic | Aquatics Data Management System Overview   Audio File

Aquatics Data Management Powerpoint

Topic | James River Catfish Project Overview   Audio File

Catfish Update Powerpoint

Topic | Shooting Range Update   Audio File

Shooting Range Powerpoint

Topic | License Sales Update   Audio File

Topic | Lewis and Clark Concessionaire Prospectus   Audio File

Topic | Black Hills Playhouse Lease   Audio File

Topic | Good Earth State Park Updates   Audio File

Good Earth State Park Update Powerpoint

Topic | Winter Outdoor Recreational Opportunities   Audio File

Winter Recreation Powerpoint

Topic | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Report   Audio File

Topic | Track Chair   Audio File

Public Hearing   Audio File