Lake Alvin Temporarily Closed to Swimming

June 20, 2024

Pierre, S.D.-South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) today announced the Lake Alvin Recreation Area swimming beach is currently closed following routine testing that showed unhealthy levels of bacteria in the water.  

“Following heavy rains, we often see an increase in the amount of runoff into our lakes and streams. That runoff picks up contaminants along the way, and deposits them into the water,” said District Park Supervisor Jason Baumann. “Higher levels of contaminants are seen initially, but they usually dissipate pretty quickly thanks to the natural filtration provided by the lake.”

Baumann adds that the lake is still safe for fishing, and that the concern is ingesting or submerging in the water. Testing will continue, and the beach will reopen when the water again reaches appropriate levels.

For more information, please contact Jason Bauman, district park supervisor, at 605.987.2263.


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