GFP Commission hears Public Petitions on Landowner Elk Tags, Bobcat and Water Access

October 2, 2020

PIERRE, S.D. - The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission heard three petitions from the public at their October meeting. 

The first petition came from Steve Cherkas of Edgemont. The petition asked for elk landowner tags that would allow landowners to hunt elk on their own land and, similar to the landowner deer license allocation, be a guaranteed license. The commission denied the petition due to the work currently being done to revise the existing elk management plan. These topics will be reviewed and discussed during this effort and this process should be completed prior to making the requested changes.

The commission heard a second petition from Cherkas requesting an extension to the check-time requirement for harvested bobcats. The petition would allow bobcats to be checked-in at the end of the season rather than within five days of harvest. In addition, the petition requests that only the head or jaw of the harvested bobcat be required for check-in rather than the entire carcass. 

The commission denied this petition due to the need to collect biological information from the entire carcass. In addition, should the 5-day check-in period be extended or removed, carcasses already in poor shape may be rendered unusable. To allow greater flexibility for the public while meeting the 5-day requirement, GFP allows bobcats to be checked-in by a variety of staff, not just conservation officers.

The third petition was submitted by Tom Marquardt of Watertown, requesting that the commission allow access to the public waters on Pepper Slough in Clark County, which would require a transportation lane through nonmeandered waters that are currently marked closed.

The Commission denied the petition due to the need to promulgate rule(s) to layout the process of implementing a transportation lane through closed nonmeandered waters. The Department will bring a recommendation to the Commission during the November meeting to begin the rule promulgation process.

To view the petitions, visit Audio from the meeting is available through South Dakota Public Broadcasting and will soon be available on the GFP website as part of the meeting archive.


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