GFP Commission Proposes Changes to Elk Application Requirements

March 13, 2020
PIERRE, S.D. – At their March meeting, the GFP Commission proposed modifications and an addition to the rules surrounding elk application requirements.
One adjustment would establish new administrative rules for the establishment of Landowner Own-land Elk licenses with the following requirements:
1. The applicant for this license must own a minimum of 240 acres of land within one or more designated elk hunting units that comprise a respective elk hunting season in order to qualify.
2. The applicant is limited to one “any elk” license per year and may only hunt on those lands owned and operated or leased and operated for agricultural purposes within the designated elk hunting units.
3. The fee for the Landowner Own-Land elk licenses would be half price of a regular resident elk license.
4. Landowner Own-land elk licenses are only valid for use in elk hunting units where the department has determined the elk population objective as “slightly decrease” or “substantially decrease.”
5. Season dates for this season will be August 1 through March 31of the following year.
The GFP Commission also proposed recommended changes to landowner preference application requirements. The recommended changes are an effort to clarify the intent of this rule as it relates to qualifying land, documentation and qualifying members of the family. The change also uses the phrase “habitual elk use” and eliminates “500 elk use days.”
To comment in person, the public hearing will be held April 2 at 2 p.m. CDT at Good Earth State Park located at 26924 480th Avenue in Sioux Falls. Oral testimony can also be provided remotely at this time, via conference call at the GFP Rapid City Regional Office (Outdoor Campus West) 4130 Adventure Trail, Rapid City, SD, at the GFP Watertown Regional Office 400 West Kemp, Watertown, SD, or at the GFP Main Office, Foss Building, 523 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD.
Individuals can comment online at or mail comments to 523 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501. To be included in the public record and to be considered by the commission, comments must include a full name and city of residence and meet the submission deadline of 72 hours before the public hearing (not including the day of the public hearing). 


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