GFP News| Review of GFP Program Seeks Public Input

September 19, 2019

Governor Noem’s External Review of South Dakota’s Wildlife Damage Management and Animal Damage Control Programs Seeks Public Input

In May, Governor Noem announced that the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) would conduct an external review of South Dakota’s Wildlife Damage Management and Animal Damage Control programs.

 As part of the review process, WMI will be conducting two surveys in the weeks ahead. The process requires a random sample of South Dakota landowners and producers, as well as a random sample of landowners and producers who received Wildlife Damage Management or Animal Damage Control services within the past two years. People who receive these surveys from WMI are asked to complete the survey and share their experiences. 

For landowners and producers who do not receive a survey but still wish to provide feedback, Governor Noem has asked that they share their comments through the online survey, which will be open through October 4:

“South Dakota landowners and producers are a critical component to this review process,” said Noem. “I want to know what they have experienced when it comes to livestock loss, damage to stored-feed supplies and hay, damage to growing crops as well as personal property damage. Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) has programs in place to help alleviate or reduce wildlife damage, and we need to ensure that the programs are delivered in a timely manner and that our landowners and producers are aware of how the programs work. This review will help document any necessary changes so improvements to services can be made.”

Landowners and producers play a critical role in South Dakota’s economy and routinely deal with impacts from wildlife on their operations.

“GFP welcomes the review process with WMI,” said Kelly Hepler, GFP Secretary. “The landowners and producers in our state are important partners in wildlife management in South Dakota. We want to ensure the programs and services offered through GFP for animal damage control and wildlife damage management are effective in alleviating negative impacts from wildlife whenever possible.” 

The review process will cover the past 10 years of both the Wildlife Damage Management and Animal Damage Control programs, and conduct several surveys of South Dakota landowners and producers. The final report will be provided and presented to the governor and GFP Commission in December.


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