UPDATE: Live Trap Giveaway Program

April 2, 2019

UPDATE: Live Trap Giveaway Program

Earlier today, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) began notifying some participants of the Live Trap Giveaway Program that they can now pick up the traps they registered for on March 1.

Traps are being distributed on a first come, first-served basis. GFP will contact you to let you know when to pick up your traps.

Participants have 10 business days from the time GFP notifies them to pick up their traps. If participants do not pick them up within this timeframe, staff will move the name to the bottom of the list in that community. The participant will be alerted if and when this happens. It is likely then that the participant would not receive their traps until late this fall.

GFP will allow immediate family members to pick up traps for a family member who registered for traps if their ID has the same address as the registrant. 

  • Example: Wife registered for traps and the husband would like to pick them up. He can do so if his ID is the same address.

Additional updates will be provided as GFP continues to distribute live traps.

New to Trapping?

GFP is offering Live Trapping 101 classes to help you learn more about the species you can trap as part of this new program. Sign up for one near your community today! (Rapid City, Sioux Falls and Fort Pierre are full and currently have waiting lists.)

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Veteran to Trapping?

There will be new outdoor enthusiasts picking up these traps that have never used one before. They might need some help from someone like yourself. And there will also be young children who want to be a part of these adventures. Folks like you can help pave the way for new trappers.

We all need to work together to be part of the long-standing outdoor traditions our state offers. Who better than to teach the next generation of trappers than yourself. 

Consider Mentorship

Nest Predator Bounty Program

The Nest Predator Bounty Program launched today too!

A primary program goal is to ensure South Dakota's hunting and trapping heritage remains strong for the next 100 years. 

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