Photo © Jessica Howell

2023 Legislative Updates

The 2023 South Dakota Legislative Session is here.

All bill activities for both the House and the Senate that we are following for this session will be listed here.

Updates are made at least once a week.

House Bills


HB 1018

 Repeal the authorized forfeiture of property used in the illegal capture   of fish.
HB 1019  Repeal certain requirements for Game, Fish and Parks licensing   agents.
HB 1049  Revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2023
HB 1060  Modify provisions related to procurement for the state and other   purchasing agencies.
HB 1100  Authorize landowner-on-own-land elk licenses.
HB 1134  Require property owner consent before construction resulting in lake  water level alteration. 
HB 1186  Require restitution for landowners following an unauthorized entry to   hunt, fish, or trap.

Senate Bills


SB 60

 Make an appropriation for completing improvements of the road   leading to the former entrance into Palisades State Park and to declare   an emergency.
SB 79  Make an appropriation to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to   improve and repair infrastructure around Hiddenwood Lake and to   declare an emergency.
SB 126  Expand the availability of emergency services in state parks.
SB 127  Revise the eligible disability level for veterans to receive state park   benefits.