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2020 Legislative Updates

The 2020 South Dakota Legislative Session is here.

All bill activities for both the House and the Senate that we are following for this session will be listed here.

Updates are made at least once a week.

House Bills

HB 1033  Provide for the prevention of aquatic invasive species contamination in public waters and to declare   an emergency.
HB 1059  Revise certain provisions regarding hunting with drones.
HB 1065  Revise drone surveillance protections.
HB 1095  Revise requirements regarding hunting mentors.
HB 1111  Revise provisions regarding the qualifications to serve on the Game, Fish and Parks Commission.
HB 1172  Require the annual submission of a zero-based budget from certain departments or budget units. 
HB 1181  Revise certain provisions regarding bounties for coyotes.
HB 1184  Provide limited deer and antelope licenses to landowners.
HB 1189  Revise certain provisions to enhance and promote South Dakota and to make an appropriation   therefor.
HB 1200  Establish dates for the mowing of ditches on the state trunk highway system.
HB 1236  Revise provisions regarding the management of the animal damage control program.
HB 1238  Permit modification of the term of a perpetual conservation easement after the death of the grantor.
HB 1240  Provide for the inspection of certain swimming pools and beaches.
HB 1254  Require a habitat stamp for certain hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and jet skiing activities.
HB 1256  Fund shooting sports programs in public schools and to enhance outdoor recreational activities in  the state.
HB 1257  Revise certain provisions regarding hunting, fishing, or trapping on private property without   permission.
HB 1291  Appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools.
House Concurrent 
Resolution 6011
 Supporting the Recovering America's Wildlife Act.
House Concurrent 
Resolution 6014
 To encourage the Department of Game, Fish and Parks in 2020, as part of the biennial review of endangered and threatened species, to delist the river otter and manage this species as a harvested furbearer if scientifically-sound biological and ecological data support such a decision.
House Concurrent 
Resolution 6021
 Supporting the continued operation of the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery.

Senate Bills

SB 37  Make an appropriation for costs related to disasters in the state and to declare an emergency.
SB 49  Add gravel to the definition of a mineral.
SB 53  Provide for a discount to senior citizens for state parks and recreation areas.
SB 56  Authorize the collection of certain search and rescue service costs.
SB 75  Provide for a habitat stamp on hunting and fishing licenses.
SB 90  Revise the distribution of motor fuel tax revenue, create a small structure and large culvert fund,   provide for the use and administration of the fund, and to make an appropriation thereof.
SB 100  Regulate certain portable recording systems worn by law enforcement officers.
SB 116  Establish requirements certain state entities must follow when applying for federal grants.
SB 124  To revise provisions regarding group pheasant hunts for disabled veterans.
SB 135  Increase the bid limit for certain public improvements.
SB 141  Designate the Bobolink as the official songbird of South Dakota.
SB 150  Revise nonresident waterfowl licensure.
SB 162  Provide limitations on the use of lighting equipment while hunting.