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April 13-14 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Action Item | License Holder List Request   Audio File

Topic | South Dakota Go Outdoors Update   Audio File

New Staff Introductions and Elk Preference Points Petition   Audio File

Proposal | Waterfowl Hunting Season   Audio File

Petition Resolution | Elk Preference Points   Audio File

Proposal | Deer Hunting Seasons   Audio File

Action Item | Lewis and Clark Marina Fee Proposal   Audio File

Topic | Advanced Technical Training at Spring Creek   Audio File

Topic | 2022-2023 Snowmobile Season Recap   Audio File

Topics | Highway 44 Platte-Winner Bridge Project Update and Newel and Alvin Dam Repair Updates   Audio File

Topic | Camping, Visitation, and Revenue Report   Audio File

Topic | R3 Angling Survey Results   Audio File

Topic | Pheasants Forever Award   Audio File

Topic | AIS: Invasive Carp and Zebra Mussel Update   Audio File

Topic | Nest Predator Bounty Program Update   Audio File

Topic | Law Enforcement Update   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update & Wintering Wildlife Update   Audio File